Congregation Information
Ann Arbor Mennonite Church (013508)
Meeting Place
2566 Arrowwood at Arrowwood Community Ctr
Ann Arbor Michigan 48103-2614

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Mailing Address
1455 Kelly Green Dr
Ann Arbor Michigan 48103-2614
Ph: 734-996-9198

Chibuzor Vincent Ozor
Churchwide Agencies
Sister Denomination
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Central District Conference of Mennonite Church USA
Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference

Description: Our congregation is a Bible-centered, family-centered, ministry-centered Anabaptist church committed to providing ethical, spiritual and theological needs of worshipers for Christian maturity and peacemaking from prophetic, integrative and affirmative fa
Founded: 1967
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 12
History: Our congregation was established in 1967 to nurture Mennonite students attending the Univ. of Michigan. Today our fellowship includes families and students of diverse backgrounds with a broad spectrum of culture, economic and theology. Our current ministry is aimed at meeting the needs of diverse people that choose to worship with us.