Congregation Information
Iglesia Luz del Evangelio (006512)
Meeting Place
1524 Dowdy Ferry Rd
Dallas Texas 75217-9227

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Mailing Address
1524 Dowdy Ferry Rd
Dallas Texas 75217-9227
Ph: 214-398-7171


Juan Fernando Limones
Churchwide Agencies
Sister Denomination
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Western District Conference

Description: We are a congregation that comes together to worship four days a week. We have an evangelist program on radio serving the needs in the Dallas area, doing social community service and making a strong and positive reach in family and youth unity.
Founded: 1997
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 150
History: Luz del Evangelio began in May 1994. The Lord blessed us with this ministry; in one and one-half years the Lord blessed us with our own location. Thank you to the district conference for a loan which made it possible. Currently we are making some small improvements to the building. We have 14 families in our church and believe this number will grow in the name of Jesus.