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College Mennonite Church (012518)
Meeting Place
1900 S Main St
Goshen Indiana 46526

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Mailing Address
1900 S Main St
Goshen Indiana 46526-5218
Ph: 574-535-7262
Fax: 574-535-7165


David Maldonado
Madeline Maldonado
Philip Eldon Waite
Daniel Lee Yoder
Pamela S. Yoder
Talashia Keim Yoder
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Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference

Description: At the core of College Mennonite Church's life together is a strong commitment to worship and spiritual growth. A variety of care networks, such as Pastoral Care Visitors and Stephen Ministers, provide for face-to-face relationships. The church fosters a broad nurture and fellowship program with settings for all ages as well as intergenerational and intercultural relationships. College Mennonite Church is committed to the Christian education of children and youth, including them in the worship services and providing a variety of church-related activities for them. A growing Young Families Fellowship is a place for parents to discuss faith and life issues. Hispanic and Deaf ministry groups offer numerous opportunities (in Spanish or American Sign Language) for spiritual nurture, including worship service translation, weekly Sunday school classes, monthly worship services, and celebrations. CMC also ministers with and to students on the Goshen College campus and residents at local retirement communities. CMC broadcasts Sunday worship services via radio (WGCS 91.1) and connects with participants around the world via livestreaming at and a video archive of past services. CMC has around 1,000 members with a team of six pastors (5.25 FTE).
Founded: 1903
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 987
History: Organized in 1903, College Mennonite Church began as a response to the needs of the faculty and students at Goshen College. Financial and administrative difficulties at Goshen College, as well as strained conference-college relations, led to a painful dissolution and re-formation of College Mennonite Church in 1924. From the 1920s into the early 1950s congregational leaders were also leaders in college administration. In 1955 John Mosemann, who had been working for both CMC and GC, became the congregation's first full-time minister. Until 1960, when its membership approached 700, CMC had no separate meeting facility and met in college facilities. The current church building (expanded by the congregation in 1993) provides space for congregational and college activities as well as housing a public school kindergarten class and a daycare center supported by both the college and the church.