Congregation Information
Metamora Mennonite Church (012013)
Meeting Place
1393 Mennonite Rd
Metamora Illinois 61548
Ph: 309-367-4892

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Mailing Address
1393 Mennonite Rd
Metamora Illinois 61548-7559
Ph: 309-367-4892
Fax: 309-367-4121


Jon David Byler
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Illinois Mennonite Conference

Description: We are an Anabaptist congregation focusing on being an inviting church, involved in mission, inclusive church and an intentional church. It is our vision to encourage persons of all ages and backgrounds to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.
Founded: 1833
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 167
History: The Metamora Mennonite Church, originally known as the Partridge Creek Congregation, was the first Amish-Mennonite congregation in Illinois. It was established in 1833 by Bishop Christian Engel and pioneer farmers from Alsace-Lorraine and the surrounding areas in Europe. The first meetinghouse, located about five miles west of Metamora, was built in 1854. In the spring of 1889, a new building was built east of Metamora, and the congregation became known as the Metamora Amish Mennonite Church. In 1911, another new building was constructed on the current site. Our present meetinghouse was erected in 1952.