Congregation Information
University Mennonite Church (010470)
Meeting Place
1606 Norma Street
State College Pennsylvania 16801

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Mailing Address
1606 Norma St
State College Pennsylvania 16801-6228
Ph: 814-234-2039
Fax: 814-234-5257


Kathryn Mary Heinzel
Benjamin Robert Wideman
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Allegheny Mennonite Conference

Founded: 1963
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 105
History: University Mennonite Church was founded in 1963 as a fellowship of Mennonite faculty members, graduate students, and their families associated with Penn State University. From its foundation the congregation sought to provide a witness to Christ in an Anabaptist perspective. The congregation met on the campus of Penn State University until 1981, when the congregation purchased the former Quaker Meeting House. From its inception the congregation has stressed the priesthood of all believers and given witness to Christ as the Prince of Peace. While the congregation has called persons to serve as pastors since the late 1970's, the stress on lay leadership remains strong. The congregation seeks to include in its life both persons who come to study at Penn State University as well as those who are residents of the local community. In 2007 the congregation sold their meetinghouse and bought a larger building formerly owned by Christ Community Church. They had outgrown their space.