Congregation Information
Atlanta Mennonite Fellowship (010291)
Meeting Place
701 W. Howard Ave.
Decatur Georgia 30030

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Mailing Address
1718 Arrowhead Trl NE
Atlanta Georgia 30345-4118
Ph: 404-590-1344


James D. Rissler
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Central District Conference of Mennonite Church USA

Description: Atlanta Mennonite Fellowship seeks to strengthen the Anabaptist-Mennonite mission in Atlanta, making it relevant to life in an urban setting. We would like to help restore and promote a vision of nonviolent living rooted in both Christian obedience and a desire for social justice, focused on our diverse neighborhood. We practice shared leadership using a consensus model. We are a church that delights in diversity. We seek to be a welcoming and comfortable place to worship that shares creative and dynamic worship experiences, encourages participation by many persons, and incorporates valued traditions such as Scripture reading, hymn-singing, communion and footwashing, and corporate prayer. We represent all age groups from young children to adults in their 70s. Many of us are well educated, have professional careers, and have moved to Atlanta from other parts of the country.
Founded: 1992
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 16
History: The original members of AMF came from Berea Mennonite Church and AMF was initially part of the Southeast Mennonite Conference. Since 2004, we have been members of the Central District Conference, in which we have sought to be active and involved participants. We have always met Sunday evenings in rented space: for 15 years at St. Paul United Methodist Church, for four years at Berea Mennonite Church, and currently at the Atlanta Friends Meetinghouse. We were lay led for our first eight years, and since then have had four part time pastors. Our current pastor, James Rissler, has served us in that capacity since October of 2006.