Congregation Information
Jesus Church (010138)
Meeting Place
State Route 417
Addison New York 14809

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Mailing Address
5815 Bauter Rd
Avoca New York 14809-9748
Ph: 607-776-6027


Linda Wright
Timothy Lee Wright
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New York Mennonite Conference

Description: The Jesus Church has a rural congregation set in the Twin Tiers of New York. We are located west of Addison about one mile. The church dress is casual and all are welcome. We offer a contemporary style worship service. The Jesus Church believes in the Bible as the true and living word of God, and that no man is beyond redemption, if they will but fall into the Lord's arms.
Founded: 1990
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 26
History: The congregation was established in 1970 as an Independent Church. The first affiliation with the Mennonite church was a result of the 1972 flood when MDS came to assist. Since that time our relationship has grown, and we became an offical Mennonite church in mid-1990s. The congregation is a diverse group with people from varying walks of life.