Congregation Information
Hanston Mennonite Church (006430)
Meeting Place
35497 NE Q Rd
Hanston Kansas 67849-5004

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Mailing Address
35497 NE Q Rd
Hanston Kansas 67849-5004
Ph: 620-623-2653


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Western District Conference

Description: Community VBS, community Christmas caroling, special county Ministerial Alliance services, rest home services.
Founded: 1885
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 20
History: The church has its roots with the Galician Mennonites (southern or Swiss group of Mennonites) as far back as 1671. It was organized in 1885 when 8 families settled near Hanston. The building was erected and dedicated on 2/19/1888 and was destoryed by a tornado on 5/6/1900. A smaller church was then rebuilt from salvaged lumber and served until 1924. Congregation has never been very big but always welcomes friends and guests to worship and serve the Lord with them.