Congregation Information
Grace Hill Mennonite Church (006390)
Meeting Place
10218 SE 12th
Whitewater Kansas 67154

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Mailing Address
10218 SE 12th
Whitewater Kansas 67154
Ph: 316-799-2238


Weldon R Martens
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Western District Conference

Description: A rural congregation of 224 members with an average worship attendance of 96. Worship is at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays followed by Sunday School for all ages at 10:45 a.m. Other programs include Wednesday evening programming with a strong emphasis on ministry
Founded: 1874
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 226
History: The forefathers of the Grace Hill Mennonite church came from the Frisian Mennonite congregations of Montau at Grandenz, Schoensee at Culm and Obemessau at Thom in Prussia (about the middle of the 18th century). Later, around 1780-1785, a number of the Mennonite families settled on the estate of a Polish nobleman, Potocky, which was formerly in Poland, but by this time has become a part of Russia and was thus referred to as Polish-Russia. They settled in the vicinity of Bernitchev, founding the settlement of Michalin. In 1811 several ministers arrived at the colony from South Russia. Several young people were baptized, the Lord's Supper was held, and ministers were elected. Thus the Grace Hill Church (Gnadenberg) dates its founding in 1811. Migration of the Michalin group to America took place in 1874. The main group arrived at Peabody, Kansas, on December 5, 1874. Soon after they bought land in Pleasant Township where the church is now located. Church services were first held in the school building of District 38, a half-mile east of the present church. The following year, 1875, the congregation was incorporated under the name of Gnadenberg Mennonite Church. The first church was begun in 1880 and dedicated on April 23, 1882. The name of the church was changed from Gnadenberg to Grace Hill at a special business meeting on October 5, 1953.