Congregation Information
Southern Hills Mennonite Church (006740)
Meeting Place
511 SE 37th St
Topeka Kansas 66605-0067

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Mailing Address
PO Box 5067
Topeka Kansas 66605-0067
Ph: 785-266-9403
Fax: 785-266-4512


Peter H. Emery
Kristine Kay Regehr
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Western District Conference

Description: We are an urban congregation offering opportunities for spiritual growth through Anabaptist worship and education and opportunities for service and outreach through many community and conference ministries. We help people discern their spiritual gifts so they can offer healing and hope across the street and around the world.
Founded: 1957
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 98
History: The Southern Hills Mennonite Church was organized in 1957 by people who came to Topeka to do alternative service. Our original building was dedicated in 1962, with a major addition in 2003. We have been involved in many outreach efforts, including Bible school, peacemaking activities, interfaith activities, urban gardening, a sister church partnership with an Hispanic congregation, and ministry to low income neighbors. Many members work in education, the arts and service professions.