Congregation Information
Shalom Mennonite Congregation (029009)
Meeting Place
801 Parkwood Drive
Harrisonburg Virginia 22802

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Mailing Address
EMU-Campus Box 8
1200 Park Rd
Harrisonburg Virginia 22802-2404
Ph: 540-433-5227


Brian Ellis Bolton
Valerie Lynn Showalter
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Central District Conference of Mennonite Church USA

Description: Our congregation is made up of folks ages 0-90. We are active and volunteer in our community in a variety of ways: with immigration issues, starting a food co-op, participating in a voluntary gas tax group, helping out at food pantries, and mental health facilities, and a variety of other activities. We are made up of folks who grew up Mennonite or Amish and those from other denominations. Most of us have not grown up in the Shenandoah Valley but now call it home. We seek to be a welcoming, safe place for all people. We are a faith community that is always incorporating new folks and saying goodbye to those called to different places.
Founded: 1986
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 130
History: Shalom Mennonite began in 1986 as a ministry to the Eastern Mennonite University campus. Shalom has benefited from relationships with undergraduate and graduate students and is closely tied through faculty and staff to the EMU community. Originally worship was in Strite Auditorium on campus. In 2005 we moved to the EMHS Student Commons room where we currently worship.