Congregation Information
St Paul Mennonite Fellowship (028555)
Meeting Place
371 West Baker Street
St Paul Minnesota 55107

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Mailing Address
371 West Baker Street
St Paul Minnesota 55107
Ph: 651-291-0647


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Central District Conference of Mennonite Church USA

Description: St. Paul Mennonite Fellowship is a small, lay-led congregation committed to peace and justice in our homes, our churches and our world. We affirm the Anabaptist commitment to a priesthood of all believers and welcome the full participation of every child and adult in the community regardless of age, ethnic background, gender, ability, class or sexual orientation. We encourage each person to use their gifts fully within the community. SPMF is a member of the Supportive Communities Network of BMC. We worship at 4 pm on Sunday afternoons and our congregation includes an abundance of speakers, artists, musicians, poets and activists. For more information see:
Founded: 1984
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 11
History: The Saint Paul Mennonite Fellowship was birthed out of a response to racial violence in the West Side neighborhood of Saint Paul and begin meeting as a congregation in 1984. In our 24 years as a community we have been active in the neighborhood and beyond through our work with Mennonite Voluntary Service, Loaves and Fishes, tree planting, Neighborhood House, community art and music events, Brethren Mennonite Council for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Interests, peace vigils and many other faith-based actions.