Congregation Information
Seattle Mennonite Church (028381)
Meeting Place
3120 NE 125th St
Seattle Washington 98125-4515

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Mailing Address
3120 NE 125th St
Seattle Washington 98125-4515
Ph: 206-361-4630
Fax: 206-361-6076


Amy Marie Epp
Jonathan Neufeld
Megan M Ramer
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Pacific Northwest Mennonite Conference

Description: Seattle Mennonite draws from the entire Puget Sound area. We believe that faith and action are inseparable elements in each person's pilgrimage, so spiritual nurture is that which nourishes us that we might reach out in service to others.
Founded: 1968
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 125
History: Seattle Mennonite was formed in 1968 and a Mennonite Voluntary Service unit soon followed in 1970. The group grew as many VSers fell in love with the Northwest, deciding to stay after completion of their term of service. Others joined as they came to Seattle to further their education. Our worshipping community brings together many from a Mennonite background, but also from a variety of religious traditions. In 1993 we renovated an old movie theater to use as our place of worship. We now have an active children's and youth ministry, small groups, a wide variety of musical groups, and prolific quilters. Our outreach ministries include the MVS unit, work with the local homeless community; peace and justice both locally and nationally.