Congregation Information
Lafayette Christian Fellowship (028191)
Meeting Place
105 E Union Ave
West Lafayette Ohio 43845

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Mailing Address
PO Box 56
W Lafayette Ohio 43845-0056
Ph: 740-545-6796


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Ohio Conference of Mennonite Church USA

Description: Desire to be a Christian community and share Christ's teaching with neighbors and other community residents with special emphases on responsible lifestyle and peacemaking.
Founded: 1985
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 20
History: Lafayette Christian Fellowship began in 1985 as a house church of Mennonites new to the community. Most had young children and were employed in the community in service professions. They continue to espouse Mennonite theology especially lives of peacemaking and Christian discipleship in an area without other Anabaptist congregations. Today Lafayette Christian Fellowship reaches into the community by being active in the local Habitat for Humanity chapter. At the same time the congregation strives to strengthen individuals as they work in the broader community.