Congregation Information
Sojourners Mennonite Fellowship (016169)
Meeting Place
Storefront at 29 Main Street
Belfast New York 14711

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Mailing Address
PO Box 134
Belfast New York 14711-0134
Ph: 585-365-9905


Constance R. Finney
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New York Mennonite Conference

Description: Sojourners Mennonite ministers within Allegany County and especially to students, faculty and staff from Houghton College. We are small, informal, discussion-oriented; we do frequent service projects and our worship involves a great deal of singing. We have a special ministry to those disillusioned with the church as an institution.
Founded: 2005
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 40
History: We began in late 1998 at the request of Mennonite students attending Houghton College, and were originally an outreach of Westside Mennonite in Buffalo, NY. We had our first covenant service for membership in October 2004. We existed as a house church until early in 2005, when we began using a local church building which was being vacated. In September 2007, we moved into our own space in Belfast, NY and began holding Sunday School for the children. We are growing with new families and student members. Former particpants in our group now work for MCC and at EMU, among other service-oriented ministries.