Congregation Information
Alpha Mennonite Church (023051)
Meeting Place
901 East Boulevard
Alpha New Jersey 08865-4233

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Mailing Address
901 East Blvd
Alpha New Jersey 08865-4233
Ph: 908-454-8345


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Franconia Mennonite Conference

Description: Alpha Mennonite Church is a member of the Franconia Conference of the Mennonite Church USA. We were established in 1975. We are a small church with a family feel but a family that is always open to all who God brings through our doors, a place where truly all are welcome. We are a group of people with diverse theologies but who choose to gather around our common love of Jesus Christ as we seek to serve and follow Him in life.
Founded: 1975
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 38
History: The Alpha congregation began in November 1975 through pastor and church planter Henry Swartley who envisioned a discipleship emphasis in the larger community. Our church family has been and continues to be comprised of persons from various denominational backgrounds with most being convinced Anabaptists. Being called by God to welcome and love all who come to us has been a hallmark of our congregation.