Congregation Information
Covenant Mennonite Fellowship (012196)
Meeting Place
The Carlisle Inn
3727 Bahia Vista St.
Sarasota Florida 34232

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Mailing Address
1400 Cattleman Rd, Suite 102
Sarasota Florida 34232
Ph: 941-315-6927


Linford D King
Mary Etta King
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Central District Conference of Mennonite Church USA

Description: We are a faithful, caring, helping community, inviting others to a life and fellowship in the way of Jesus the Christ. We are an Anabaptist fellowship, passionate about meeting together and sharing God's message of peace and justice with the community and the world. We find meaning in a journey that is authentic and nurtures our spiritual life. CMF is dedicated to being a relevant, peace-centered Mennonite fellowship for a post-modern, 21st-century culture.
Founded: 2000
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 50
History: A vision for a non-traditional Anabaptist witness in Sarasota was first cultivated in 1992. In 2000 a small group of individuals incorporated and called their first part-time pastor. A full-time pastor was called in 2003 and the fellowship was accepted into full membership in Southeast Mennonite Conference and MC USA. In 2011, the church left Southeast Mennonite Conference and called into leadership a part-time pastor from the congregation. In the winter of 2014, the church began a search process for a more permanent pastor. In the summer of 2014, the church became a full member of Central District Conference and hired an interim pastor. In December of 2014, through the search process, the church called a part-time pastor into leadership.