Congregation Information
Community Mennonite Church (022178)
Meeting Place
70 S High St
Harrisonburg Virginia 22801

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Mailing Address
70 S High St
Harrisonburg Virginia 22801-3706
Ph: 540-433-2148
Fax: 540-437-0165


Jennifer Helen Davis Sensenig
Jason Darin Gerlach
Dayna Elizabeth Olson-Getty
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Virginia Mennonite Conference

Description: We the people of Community Mennonite Church offer our gifts and lives to the call of Jesus Christ. We strive actively to follow the God of peace through our worship, fellowship, and service to both the local community and the wider world.
Founded: 1972
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 340
History: Community Mennonite Church was started in 1972 by persons related to Eastern Mennonite College with the vision of being a group located in the city in close relationship with Christ and each other. Out of this vision, small groups developed as the primary unit of congregational life and structure. Leadership is shared, and congregational participation is high. We are young in that the majority of our people are between the ages of 20-55, and have many children. We are committed to peace-building in our community and world.