Congregation Information
Watertown Mennonite Church (021980)
Meeting Place
19089 State Rte 3
Watertown New York 13601

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Mailing Address
19089 State Rte 3
Watertown New York 13601
Ph: 315-785-9861


Kenneth R Landis
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New York Mennonite Conference

Description: WMC is a committed church which is growing in its awareness of it's mission and the gifts God has placed in us. We seek to be a place of healing and hope for persons who have endured the myriad forms of brokenness this world propagates. We are challenged to be God's missional people in a unique location, at the border of a small city and large military post (Fort Drum). We come from several small communities surrounding Watertown.
Founded: 1970
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 15
History: Watertown Mennonite Church began in the early 1970's by Mennonites who moved to the Watertown area for employment. Persons currently attending come from various backgrounds, many of them not ethnic Mennonite. The church has always been fairly decentralized as many persons travel from 20+ miles away. This has resulted in some challenges, but has allowed for many creative ministry opportunities as well as a deep and warm fellowship.