Congregation Information
Rochester Mennonite Fellowship (021956)
Meeting Place
111 Hillside Avenue
Rochester New York 14625
Ph: 585-473-0220

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Mailing Address
111 Hillside Ave
Rochester New York 14610-2407
Ph: 585-473-0220


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New York Mennonite Conference

Description: About 35 people meet weekly for Worship and Education Hour, plus have a monthly potluck meal together. We have no paid pastoral leadership. Members provide all leadership on a voluntary basis, including Worship, Sunday School, and stewardship of both finances and facilities.
Founded: 1975
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 45
History: Our group started in the middle 1970's when a group of believers connected in the past to the Mennonite Church started meeting informally in homes for prayer and study. Gradually they began meeting regularly on Sundays. From a variety of backgrounds, we are drawn to Anabaptist ideals and the opportunity for Christian worship in the context of church as family. Though we are a small congregation, we are committed the way of peace and contribute to several mission projects.