Congregation Information
Rainbow Mennonite Church (018093)
Meeting Place
1444 Southwest Blvd
Kansas City Kansas 66103

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Mailing Address
1444 Southwest Blvd
Kansas City Kansas 66103-1829
Ph: 913-236-8820
Fax: 913-236-6838


Ruth Rebecca Harder
Roseann Penner Kaufman
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Western District Conference

Description: Our congregation consists of approximately 200 people who live all over the greater Kansas City metro area. Our church is located in the Rosedale area in Kansas City, Kansas. Our mission is to maintain a fellowship of all who profess faith and a desire to follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ, regardless of race, ethnic identity, gender, sexual orientation, age, economic or other life circumstances, and who will strengthen and express our faith by corporate worship, study and teaching of the gospel, and who will seek to serve the spiritual and material needs of this and the larger community. Our vision is to create a community of awakening and discovery, where the joys and challenges of Christian living are made accessible and relevant to contemporary life. We value the Anabaptist and historical peace church tradition; We value social justice; We value an intergenerational and nurturing church in which needs of members are named and served at every stage of life; We value a vibrant, growing church, where the worship is meaningful and life changing; We value serving as a resource and a leader within Western District Conference and Mennonite Church USA.
Founded: 1957
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 260
History: Rainbow Mennonite Church (RMC) was founded in 1957 and was originally located on Rainbow Boulevard. In 1969, we moved our congregation into the Rosedale United Methodist Church building on Southwest Boulevard to share its facilities, although worship services between the two congregations remained separate. Around this same time, the pastors of the Rosedale United Methodist (RUMC), the Rosedale Christian Church (RCC) and ours began an informal federation which ultimately became the Sharing Community of Rosedale. Its focus was to support Rosedale, an older cental city, changing neighborhood. The Sharing Community was formally incorporated in the late 1970's. This facilitated the ownership of adjacent property, which was turned into and maintained as a neighborhood park. Eventually both the RUMC and RCC closed, leaving Rainbow Mennonite as the sole congregation meeting at 1444 Southwest Boulevard. We have since renovated our facilities, and maintain the grounds which include a park, a community garden, an orchard, and a Mennonite Voluntary Service Unit house.