Congregation Information
Eugene Mennonite Church (017517)
Meeting Place
3590 W 18th Ave.
Eugene Oregon 97402

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Mailing Address
3590 W 18th Ave
Eugene Oregon 97402-3114
Ph: 541-343-9548


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Pacific Northwest Mennonite Conference

Description: We are a congregation from Mennonite and non-Mennonite backgrounds. Our small size allows us flexibility to be somewhat informal in worship. We remain committed to our work to promote peace and justice in Jesus' name. Our pastor is half-time and members are active in all aspects of congregational life.
Founded: 1965
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 20
History: Eugene Mennonites began meeting in homes in 1963; present building was completed in 1979. Pastors: Harold Hochstetler (1968-87), Ted Grimsrud (1987-94), Gayle Hunter Sheller (1995-2005), Rose Marie Zook Barber (2007 - present). Located in a university town, EMC has regularly experienced significant membership turnover. Openness and caring have characterized EMC from its beginning. We are involved in various projects throughout the Eugene/Springfield community. As a congregation we assist local programs for homeless folks and support Mennonite agencies such as Mennonite Central Committee. We share space with an alternative Friends high school.