Congregation Information
Eugene Mennonite Church (017517)
Meeting Place
3590 W 18th Ave.
Eugene Oregon 97402
Ph: 541-343-9548

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Mailing Address
3590 W 18th Ave
Eugene Oregon 97402-3114
Ph: 541-343-9548


Rose Marie Zook Barber
Churchwide Agencies
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Pacific Northwest Mennonite Conference

Description: We are a congregation of people from both Mennonite and non-Mennonite backgrounds. We are informal in our worship style, and somewhat eclectic in form. We cover all age-groups, though we are not a large congregation. Our pastor is half-time and members are active in all aspects of congregational life.
Founded: 1965
Members/Covenanted Attendees: 26
History: Eugene Mennonites began meeting in homes in 1963; present building was completed in 1979. Pastors: Harold Hochstetler (1968-87), Ted Grimsrud (1987-94), Gayle Hunter Sheller (1995-2005), Rose Marie Zook Barber (2007 - present). Located in a university town, EMC has regularly experienced significant membership turnover. Openness and caring have characterized EMC from its beginning. We are involved in various projects throughout the Eugene/Springfield community. As a congregation we assist local programs for homeless folks and support Mennonite agencies such as Mennonite Central Committee. We share space with an alternative Friends high school.